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908DC Ultrasonic Nebulizer

 ID: 412 
 Origin Country: Turkey 
 Company: hikoneb 

Product Details :

908 DC Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Hikoneb Ultrasonic Nebulizers work with ultrasound. Hikoneb Ultrasonic Nebulizers are not atomizers, they do not use pump air to atomize the medicine. Ultrasound is an energy source for nebulization of liquids for inhalation therapy. The working mechanism involves ultrasound waves to touch to the surface of the Iiquid(e.g. medicine, water) and merge the liquid into micron size subparticles. By this method, aerosol therapy efficiency increases, because of the even distribution of the particle sizes. Ultrasonic nebulizers can also be used for the humidification of the room, to make patients breathe easier.
Hikoneb Ultrasonic Hospital nebulizers are sold with complete accessories. You do not spend extra charges for the trolley, hoses, filters, etc. Spare parts are available at reasonable costs, unlike other products in the market. All the parts In contact with the patient are autoclavable.
Try our quality, test our products, and compare with others. Hikoneb Ultrasonic Nebulizers are the best value for the money.

Hikoneb 908 DC Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Hikoneb® 9O8DC Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to be used on hospital environment. Fully digital control panel, and utilized microcontroller technology allows unit to be precisely controlled. Built in timer function helps hospital staff and unit works for the needed period only. 9O8DC unit is perfect for intensive use on clinical environments. Included accessories, hytrel tubing, water bottle, bacterial filter, air filter and mobile stand are perfect for hospital use. All the parts other than filters are autoclavable up to 132° Celsius. Supplied medicine caps allow the hospital staff to provide medicine to the patient efficiently. 650 ml water tank and 1000 ml additional tank guarantees long operation. Adjustable nebulization is another positive specialty, which enables the adjustment of the given medicine amount in time. By the help of automatic heating mechanism, unit can supply warm vapor up to 38° C.
Main Areas of Usage
• Anesthesia, Surgery, Pediatrics
• Intensive Care
• Internal medicine applications
• Specific and non-specific lung diseases
• Bronchial Asthma
• Pneumonias
• Acute and non-acute bronchial
• Ear, nose and throat
• Plastic surgery Model
• Humidification of respiratory gases
• Drug Nebulization
Main Features

• Digital control panel allows precious and easy operation.
• Built in timer, adjustable up to 90 minutes,
• Automatic heating mechanism, heats vapor up to 38° C.
• Constant vapor output
• On/Off Switch, select, increase, decrease buttons.
• Light alarm for malfunction and low water level
• Oscillator heating protection
• Small amount of drugs can be applied (5-lml)
• High nebulizing performance, low energy consumption.
• High Performance plug module system for easy serviceability.
• Oxygen adapter for supplying respiratory gases with the vapor.
• Double filtering mechanism for reducing risk of contamination.
• Stainless Steel panel, Aluminum case and flexible arm supporting system.
• Special design eases the change of the oscillator.
• CE and ISO certified
411 200 0411), EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate(No: 1 049 901-0411) and EN ISO 13485 Duality Management System Certificate(No 4-032-135-D411)for developing, manufacturing and marketing of ultrasonic nebulizer devices have been taken during 2004. Kare Medical philosophy on productions is providing the best quality, with reasonable prices. The biggest problem of the 21st century is cheap and bad quality

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