Endolaser 120

Enarf-Nonius International

therapeutic laser

High performance therapeutic laser
The 905 nm GaAs laser probe delivers pulses in nanoseconds, producing
average power of 100 mW and peak power of up to 100 W per diode. This
results in a higher concentration of light energy (I₀), or photon density at tissue
depth, without the risk of burning tissue.
Proven effectiveness
The clinical application of light – produced by laser diodes with power output of
up to 1600 mW - is scientifically well documented. The 905 nm (GaAs) pulsed
laser is the most versatile for deep structures ( joints, vertebrae, back muscles),
whereas the 808 nm (GaAlAs) is more appropriate for wound healing and tissue
repair. Scientific evidence continues to demonstrate that pulsed light does have
biological and clinical effects that are different from those of continuous wave
(CW) light. Several studies have revealed that the LLLT in the pulsed wave
mode of operation can better penetrate through the melanin and other skin
barriers, bolstering the hypothesis that pulsing is beneficial in reaching deep
target tissue and organs

● Automatic recognition of connected laser probes
● High quality laser diodes
● Full colour touchscreen
● Automatic dosage / time adjustment based on output power level
● Ergonomically designed probes
● Variety of probes: Continuous Wave (808 nm) and Pulsed (905 nm)
● Compact & light weight