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 ID: 431 
 Origin Country: China 
 Company: Eternity 

Product Details :

• Multi-functional emergency transport ventilator, can also be used for ICU treatment
• Microprocessor controlled system
• Simple operation, compact design, reliable performance
• 5.6 inch multi-color LCD display
• Use electronic knob setting
• Various waveform display and multi-parameter monitoring Backup apnea ventilation
• Respiratory valve can be sterilized repeatably
• Improve the breathing pattern
• Flexible power supply: A/C, D/C, rechargeable build-in battery
• Convenient using
• Use knob setting
• PEEP,P- V Loop, V-P loop
• Three-level visual and audible alarm .with concise words describing problems.
• Can be used for emergency and emergency transport and ICU treatment
• Durable and accurate built –in flow sensor
• Integrated expiration valve , easy to be sterilized .
• Auto nebulizer.
• Backup chargeable battery
• CPAP , BIPAP and PEEP Are available
• Connecting with blender
• Humidifier and compressor
• It is suitable for ICU treatment
Main Unit:
• Patient type: Adult Pediatric
• Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
• Working mode: pressure limited; time cycled; volume controlled
• Setting: Electronic knob
• Ventilation mode: SIPPV,SIGH,SIMV,CPAP,SPONT
• Tidal volume: 0 ~ 1500ml
• Breathing rate: 4 ~ 100bpm
• I/E: 3:1 ~ 1:5
• Trigger Sensitivity: -2Kpa ~ 2Kpa PEEP
• PEEP (Optional): 0 ~ 2Kpa
• Oxygen: 45% to 100%
• Alarm silent: 120 s
• Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
• Electric security: ISO10651-3; IEC60601-1

Monitoring parameters:
Tidal volume, Minute volume, Respiratory Rate, Airway pressure (peak, plat), Waveforms (Optional) include P-T, F-T,V-T,P-V loop, V-F loop

Tidal volume, Airway pressure, Respiratory Rate, Apnea, Power supply failure, Lack of Oxygen Pressure, Battery Low

Humidifier (Optional):
• Temperature control
• High temperature alarm, Autopower cut off


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