Anesthetic Workstation

  • Applicable: for Adult, Infant and child. Simplified patient type selection and parameter setting, tidal volume, 20 ~ 1500 ml.
  • 1 “ high resolution TFT touch screen user friendly design, multiple patient monitoring configuration meet all kinds of clinical requirements.
  • Configured with startup pre-use test, patient circuit leakage and compliance test.
  • Electrical control gas mixer, back up fresh gas delivery system for safety configurable fresh gas flow and O2 concentration.
  • Driving gas switching system for O2 and air.
  • Interlock two vaporizer mounting system.
  • Backup yoke gas supply with pressure gauge monitoring
  • Auxiliary O2 supply system with flow meter.
  • Built-in vacuum system ,Optional for multiple clinical purpose
  • Modularized absorber cycle design, built in heating system, bypass, design smart detection for safety soda line replacement during operation.
  • Configured with VCV, PCV, SIMV-P, SPONT/PSV, backup modes: VCV & PCV, manual.
  • Up to 24 hours patient monitoring trend and table for professional clinical assistant.
  • Built-in EtCO2 and Fi/Et anesthesia gas monitoring module for an organization operation environment.


Ergonomics design anesthesia machine:

Technology innovation:

  • A closed and semi-closed circuit, natural latex free to avoid allergic reaction. Fully 134 ° C autoclavable to avoid cross infection, especially for respiratory disease operation.
  • Embedded design, flow sensor with variable orifice, suitable for different applications from infant to adult, Tidal volume 20 ~ 1500 mL (optional 10 ~ 1600 mL).
  • Efficient, integrated heating system, optimized airway and water trap design to ensure the air flow without effected by condensation, also ensures the accuracy of operation for long term.
  • Bypass design, fast and convenient replacement of absorber canister, priority alarm function reminds the user always for safe and reliable operation.

Humanized design:

  • Circuit heating system controls the temperature at 35° (±2° C) to avoid condensation effect on the flow sensor lifetime and accuracy; also make the patient feel more comfortable.
  • Bypass design enable fast and convenient replacement of CO2 canister without stopping operation. Special designed chamber assembly monitoring to avoid disoperation.

Ergonomics design anesthesia machine:

  • More convenient operating and display system for clinical operations requirements; suitable for a wide range of anesthesia applications: adult infant, tidal volume: 20 ~ 1500 mL (optional 10 ~ 1600mL).
  • Electronic PEEP, imported proportional valve, High precision electronic flow meter, all ensure the excellent performance, durable, long-term use.
  • Highly integrated circuits, centralized heating technique avoids condensation in the circuit with bypass function, the canister can be replace during ventilation without stopping anesthesia operation.
  • Sufficient monitoring parameter: Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, Pmin, PEEP Compliance, Resistance, O2 %, EtCO2, FiCO2.
  • Clincian’s health concerns: independent AGSS systems avoids anesthesia gas commulation & removes health concerns for clinicains.
  • Complete alarm function to make sure that operating is accurate & stable.

CO2 Absorber System:

  • 134° C Autoclavable CO2 absorber integrated bypass system, totally latex free.
  • Variable orifice flow sensor design.
  • 35° C (±2° C) integrated heating system.
  • Bypass design with canister remove alarm.
  • Easy installation, No special tools/training for maintaining & dis infections is needed.