Bed three electric motions aluminum sides

Three-seater bed, head and trunk clip, fixed seat clip, clip
          Lower Ends, Nawras Brand (China)
 The bed is of high quality with three engines
 The head and legs are easy to move and install
 The bed surface is made of high quality material (sheet).
 Bed sheets are fitted with holes that allow air to pass and prevent slippage.
 The bed is sturdy, easy to assemble.
 Three electric motors are available in the bed.
 A control unit (remote control) is available in the bed.
 The bed provides movements as follows:
• Movement of the legs where the angle of the knee: 0 - 45 degrees (± 5)
• Movement of the upper body where the back angle: 0-85 degrees (± 5)
• Move up and down
- Bed movements are controlled by remote control
- Four bumpers
- Bed dimensions: 215 * 102 * 45 cm
- The bed is mounted on four solid, non-concussive wheels equipped with four brakes.
- The bed is equipped with a pair of folding aluminum profiles on both sides of the bed, easily and easily to move the patient.