Durable piston compressor nebulizer we are doing high quality motor high pressure avd moderate air flow

Good steel and anti rusting low noise and long life

Nebulizer is a drug delivery divice used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs.

They can be used for medical treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tracts


- chamber

- air tube

- mouth piece

- adult mask

Air filter ( 5pcs)


Input :              220v /50hz                      120v/60hz

Power consumption : 180va

Medication capacity : 6 ml

Particle size : respirable fraction 0.5 to 5µm 0.5 µm80%  

Mmad:2.0 µm

Average nebulizer rate : above 0.2ml / min

Noise leavel : below 60 dba

Compressor pressure range 30-45psi

Operation pressure range 12-

14.5psi (0.85-1.1 bar )

Liter flow range 8-10 lpm

Operation temperature range : 10ºc - 40 ºc (50ºf -104ºf)

Operation humidity range : 10 to 95% rh

Storage temperature range : -10 ºc -65 ºc

Storage humidity range : 10 to 95% rh

Made in china