Touchscreen spirometer, Oximeter

A whole lab
in the palm of your hand
Touchscreen spirometer, Oximeter® 3D pulse oximeter, Triaxial accelerometer, Diary of Symptoms, Spirotel® is an ideal tool for home care and telemedicine. Compact and easy to use, it is a faithful friend for any patient who needs to be treated at home.
One product, many solutions
Small, but with great potential
Spirotel®'shardware and software are so flexible that it has already been adopted for home care, telemedicine, clinicals trials and integrations on technology platforms. This is what makes Spirotel ® the ideal mini laboratory for physician and patients, hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and manufacturers of medical devices alike.
Doctor and patient
Spirotel® is an ideal tool for home care and telemedicine. Compact and easy to use, it is a faithful friend for any patient who needs to be treated at home. The intuitive interface and the electronic diary help the patient perform the tests. Transimissions of the results is simple and straightforward using the web connection and the USB and bluetooths technologies.
 Pharmaceutical companies
Spirotel® is designed to be customized both at a hardware and a softwarelevel. 
This extreme flexibility is the prerequisite for all clinical trials and for this reason Spirotel® has already been chosen by many CROs (Contract Research Organizations) and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. 
Researchers can transfer data securely over the Internet to a central database. 
Data processing and updating is an ongoing process: with Spirotel®, there is no risk of losing information, while there are several ways to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy during the clinical trial. 
Its small size and connectivity solutions also result in considerable savings of resources (specialist technical staff, time and space).
 System Integrators
Spirotel® is used by a community of developers who are kept constantly updated: a team of professionals and "system integrators" can develop or modify the software to meet specific customer needs.
Spirotel® and the programmers who are developing it enable “system integrators” in turn to offer increasingly sophisticated technology services to pharmaceutical companies that require their support.
This synergy expands the potential of the medical devices on the market, integrating more advanced protocols and enabling different systems to speak to each other, thus generating new features.
Research Organizations
Spirotel® is also designed for research organizations, or CROs (Contract Research Organization)
and once again the key lies in its extreme flexibility.
In this sector, the instrument’s excellent customizability is a great advantage, so it will come as no surprise
that Spirotel® has been adopted by several companies as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution.
Established over two decades ago, MIR’s experience has led to Spirotel®, which ensures that CROs can offer
pharmaceutical companies a truly turnkey package, where the quality of all clinical trial phases is guaranteed.