three-dimensional computer multi-functional lumbar traction bed

The main frame three-dimensional computer multi-functional lumbar traction bed adopts the imported integrated module and micro-computer software control. It lightly touches the key to set the program. The traction utilizes the imported linear motor to enhance the apparatus stability and reliability, reduce the noise of the traction bed. The retraction force employs the imported OEM electronic sensor. When there is error between the traction force and set value, it can make the automatic compensation and keep the set value. The bed has computer interface, if computer control treatment, patient case record management, the traction bed function will get better development.

The bed is of the reasonable design, beautiful appearance, fine security and reliability, high precision, complete functions. When carrying on the longitudinal traction, it can also combine with the multiple traction actions such as forming angle traction, swing angle traction etc. It overcomes the simplistic action. It has 8 traction modes including continuous, intermittent, reciprocating, pulse retraction and so on.

The bed has special curing effect to the lumbar diseases. For example, to the patients with side bending lumbar vertebra, disappeared physiological arc of the lumbar vertebra, backward protruding lumbar vertebra, it can simultaneously implement the longitudinal traction with prostrate position, angular retraction to elevate the patient titling angle, produce the negative pressure traction at the same time of enlarging the vertebral gap and reach the treatment purpose. It has sound curing effect to the lumbar rear articulation disorder, lumbar vertebra small joint disorder, psoas muscle strain. In the meantime of using the supine and prostrate lying traction, you can combine the swing function of this bed for the therapy. It adopts the software control, mechanical transmission control, manual controls in aspects of the use safety.

Display: digital/LCD/touch display screen is available

Technical advantage:

Three-dimensional traction;  individual or combined use of longitudinal traction, swing traction, angle traction is available.

Automatic compensation of traction force, synchronous monitor between the set value and the actual value

8 kinds of different traction modes,20 kinds of the curing parameters(cased)storage and read-out functions

Simple traction parameter key-in method

Multiple security designs (patient emergency retreat switch, medical staff operation emergency retreat key)

Technical parametersï¼Âš



Slow traction distanceï¼Âš0ï½Âž200mm
Swing angleï¼Âš-40°ï½Âž40°
Forming angleï¼Âš-10°ï½Âž20°
Total traction timeï¼Âš0ï½Âž60min
Traction timeï¼Âš0ï½Âž9min
Intermittent timeï¼Âš0ï½Âž90s
Traction forceï¼Âš0ï½Âž99Kg
Product Size(L*W*H): 2450*600*720mm
Packing Size(wooden case, 1pc/caseï¼Â‰ï¼Âš2580*680*780mm