Hebei pukang

Five-function electric bed

 Size: 2180mm(L)*970mm(W)*460/750mm(H)
Main feature:
1. the bed frame is made of epoxy coated steel, which is stable and reliable;
2. high quality ABS engineer plastic head/foot board & side rails;
3. four dia-125mm castors, with central locking system;
4. five functions, which can be operated by electric motor, the details is as follow: (1)back rest:0-80±2º (2)knee rest:0-35±2º (3) high-low:460~750mm (4) trendelenburg 20±2º (5) reverse trendelenburg 20±2º 5. location for IV rod in each corner 6. voltage: 110V~120V, 50HZ~60HZ or 220V~230V, 50HZ~60