endomed 182

Enarf-Nonius International

endomed 182

The Endomed 182 is a complete unit for pain management with interferential, pre-modulated and TENS currents.

The position of the buttons alongside the large display creates an extremely user-friendly interface. This allows perfect control and an overview of the selected parameters during treatment

The functionality of the unit is designed for maximum control with minimal action. The pre-programmed protocols are easy to activate. Full control remains available for individual adjustments.

  • 2-Pole interferential, available over 2 channels
  • Tetrapolar interferential
  • Isoplanary interferential
  • Asymmetrical biphasic pulsed current (TENS)
  • Burst TENS
  • 30 pre-programmed treatment suggestions, adjustable and rewritable
  • Large, crystal clear parameter display
  • Personalised start-up program


Interference currents stimulate deep tissue without burden on the surfacial tissue. With multipole interference applications a high intensity is achieved on the basis of interference within the effective stimulation area. This enables precise localisation, particularly in deep tissue layers.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a form of electrotherapy, that is often used for pain relief or muscle stimulation. Because of the biphasic character, this type of current is completely balanced and has no direct current component. That is why no etching will occur with TENS and TENS can be used over longer periods..