orthopedics tractor of operating table

 KL-6 orthopedic frames orthopaedic rack orthopaedic tractor frames


Various actions are controlled by hydraulic pneumatic system and mechanical driven system.

The Operation Bed can be rotated 360°on the condition that the base is fixed.

Imported Y type sealing ring and is durable.

The Operation Bed surface adopts imported carbon plastic plate which is easily for conducting X-ray examination.

The base adopts high quality 304 stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Foot treadle brake device which is easily for moving operating Operation Bed.


Length: 1900±50mm

Width: 500±20mm

min-max height: (740-1000)±50mm

Horizontal rotary : 360°

forward≥ 25° backward≥ 10°

leftward≥ 25° rightward≥ 25°

Back board Fold upward≥ 50° Fold downward≥ 15°

Head board Fold upward≥ 15° Fold downward≥ 90°

Leg board Fold downward≥90° Fold outward:≥ 90°

Angle on the waist plate: "":200° "":120°


1.Do X-ray


2.Horizontal rotary : 360°


3.Angle on the waist plate: "^":200° "V":120°